Ikonets vej

Kurs Ikony 1ATHE WAY OF THE ICON is a creative circle connected with the ministry of Jesuits and inspiredby the spiritual and artistic beauty of the ICON – a painting “not made by human hand”. Our aim is to learn about and implement the message carried by the Sacred Image, in other words to accept and to show in art the truth about God who manifested in the flesh and and gave testimony of it.

THE WAY OF THE ICON is a workshop and a “school” where the rules of iconography are explored referring to traditional and modern artistic techniques. Our aim is icon-writing in the spiritual meaning of this word. Starting from the ancient technique of tempera on solid wood panels we also take advantage of modern artistic solutions.

Kurs Ikony 1BTHE WAY OF THE ICON gathers people who search for beauty and harmony passed on by the tradition of Christian art. The ICON is the way and the bridge connecting creative and spiritual aspects of the man who in himself discovers the image of God. This is why we connect creation with contemplation (contemplation – gazing at) in order to come closer to the One who fully revealed the human face of God and God’s likeness in the man.

Our main aim is to promote spirituality of art as well as creative activity focused on iconography which draws on Eastern and Western Christian traditions. Currently, we are active in three fields:

  • common workshops in our studio,
  • organization of introductory and advanced Icon Writing courses,
  • organization of and participation in national and international Icon Writing open-air workshops, artistic exchanges, exhibitions as well as meetings devoted to the spirit of the icon.           


O, Divine Lord of all that exists,

Enlighten and direct my soul, my heart and my spirit.

Guide the hands of Thine unworthy servant

so that I may worthily and perfectly portray Thine icon,

that of Thy mother and all the Saints, for the glory, joy

and adornment of Thy holy Church. Amen.